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LSGFC Reef Rumble Entry Form
Vessel Details
Is vessel fitted with a VHF Radio?
Tournament Entrants

Entry Fee's per person (inc gst)

Adult's                    = $ 175.00 

Junior's                   = $   85.00 

Guest                      = $   85.00

Direct Deposit Details  

Account name :    Little Ship Game Fish Club 

BSB :                      124-017 

Account :               1039 1009

* Please use Vessel name as Reference.

By signing below we agree to the rules as published, In consideration of you accepting me/us as a competitor/s, I/we absolve LSGFC and sponsors as such, from any liability whatsoever and howsoever arising and or occurring from the tournament and I/we hereby indemnify you and agree to keep you indemnified against all claims, damages, costs and/or losses that may be claimed or awarded against you, or that you may suffer resulting from injury or loss to me/us or any of my/our invitees or licensees or guests or to my/our property or to any property of my/our invitees or licensees or guests.

Thank you for your entry!

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